Hebrew Calendar Science and Myths
The Rosh Hashannah Drift

by Remy Landau

The table below identifies the maximum separations of 399 years with a single *, and the non-sequential year changes with a double **.

The Rosh Hashannah Drift
February 1 To April 30
DATEFirst OccurenceLast OccurrenceNext Occurence
Feb  1
  Sat  33183H  29423g
  Thu  40240H  36480g
  Thu 117676H 113917g
Feb  2
  Thu  33316H  29556g
  Sat  40449H  36689g
  Thu 117923H 114164g
Feb  3
  Thu  33563H  29803g
  Thu  40734H  36974g
  Thu 118075H 114316g
Feb  4
 *Thu  33962H  30202g
  Mon  41057H  37297g
  Mon 118398H 114639g
Feb  5
  Sat  34076H  30316g
  Tue  41114H  37354g
  Thu 118664H 114905g
Feb  6
  Thu  34304H  30544g
  Sat  41437H  37677g
  Sat 118930H 115171g
Feb  7
  Mon  34532H  30772g
  Sat  41589H  37829g
**Thu 118911H 115152g
Feb  8
  Mon  34779H  31019g
  Mon  41950H  38190g
  Mon 119291H 115532g
Feb  9
  Sat  35064H  31304g
  Mon  42197H  38437g
 *Mon 119690H 115931g
Feb 10
  Sat  35311H  31551g
  Tue  42349H  38589g
**Sat 119671H 115912g
Feb 11
  Thu  35596H  31836g
  Sat  42577H  38817g
  Thu 120051H 116292g
Feb 12
  Mon  35672H  31912g
  Tue  42748H  38988g
  Mon 120279H 116520g
Feb 13
  Sat  36052H  32292g
  Mon  43033H  39273g
  Mon 120526H 116767g
Feb 14
  Sat  36299H  32539g
  Tue  43242H  39482g
  Mon 120773H 117014g
Feb 15
  Thu  36432H  32672g
  Tue  43489H  39729g
  Sat 120906H 117147g
Feb 16
  Thu  36679H  32919g
  Thu  43850H  40090g
  Thu 121191H 117432g
Feb 17
  Mon  36907H  33147g
  Thu  43945H  40185g
  Mon 121267H 117508g
Feb 18
  Thu  37173H  33413g
  Tue  44230H  40470g
 *Mon 121666H 117907g
Feb 19
  Sat  37287H  33527g
  Thu  44344H  40584g
  Mon 122008H 118249g
Feb 20
  Thu  37572H  33812g
  Sat  44705H  40945g
  Thu 122027H 118268g
Feb 21
  Thu  37667H  33907g
  Thu  44838H  41078g
  Thu 122274H 118515g
Feb 22
 *Thu  38066H  34306g
  Thu  45085H  41325g
  Thu 122521H 118762g
Feb 23
  Mon  38389H  34629g
  Sat  45446H  41686g
  Thu 122768H 119009g
Feb 24
  Thu  38408H  34648g
  Sat  45541H  41781g
  Sat 123186H 119427g
Feb 25
  Mon  38788H  35028g
  Thu  45826H  42066g
**Thu 123167H 119408g
Feb 26
  Thu  38902H  35142g
  Mon  46054H  42294g
 *Thu 123566H 119807g
Feb 27
  Sat  39168H  35408g
  Tue  46358H  42598g
  Thu 123661H 119902g
Feb 28
  Thu  39548H  35788g
  Tue  46605H  42845g
  Sat 124022H 120263g
Feb 29
  Thu  39700H  35940g
**Mon  46548H  42788g
  Thu 124155H 120396g
DATEFirst OccurenceLast OccurrenceNext Occurence
Mar  1
**Sat  39662H  35902g
  Tue  46852H  43092g
  Sat 124269H 120510g
Mar  2
  Mon  40023H  36263g
  Mon  47042H  43282g
  Thu 124402H 120643g
Mar  3
  Mon  40270H  36510g
  Thu  47156H  43396g
  Sat 124763H 121004g
Mar  4
  Sat  40403H  36643g
  Mon  47536H  43776g
  Mon 124877H 121118g
Mar  5
  Mon  40764H  37004g
  Tue  47840H  44080g
  Sat 125162H 121403g
Mar  6
  Thu  40783H  37023g
  Thu  47954H  44194g
  Thu 125390H 121631g
Mar  7
  Mon  41163H  37403g
  Thu  48201H  44441g
  Mon 125618H 121859g
Mar  8
  Thu  41277H  37517g
  Thu  48448H  44688g
  Mon 125865H 122106g
Mar  9
 *Thu  41676H  37916g
  Sat  48657H  44897g
  Mon 126112H 122353g
Mar 10
  Thu  41771H  38011g
 *Sat  49056H  45296g
  Sat 126397H 122638g
Mar 11
  Mon  41999H  38239g
**Thu  49037H  45277g
**Thu 126378H 122619g
Mar 12
  Thu  42265H  38505g
 *Thu  49436H  45676g
 *Thu 126777H 123018g
Mar 13
  Thu  42512H  38752g
  Sat  49550H  45790g
  Sat 127138H 123379g
Mar 14
  Thu  42759H  38999g
  Tue  49816H  46056g
  Thu 127271H 123512g
Mar 15
  Thu  42911H  39151g
  Sat  50044H  46284g
  Thu 127518H 123759g
Mar 16
  Sat  43272H  39512g
  Mon  50253H  46493g
  Thu 127670H 123911g
Mar 17
  Sat  43519H  39759g
 *Mon  50652H  46892g
  Mon 127993H 124234g
Mar 18
  Sat  43671H  39911g
  Tue  50709H  46949g
  Sat 128126H 124367g
Mar 19
  Thu  43899H  40139g
  Sat  51032H  47272g
  Sat 128373H 124614g
Mar 20
  Mon  44127H  40367g
  Mon  51146H  47386g
  Thu 128506H 124747g
Mar 21
  Mon  44374H  40614g
  Tue  51450H  47690g
  Sat 128867H 125108g
Mar 22
  Sat  44507H  40747g
  Mon  51640H  47880g
  Mon 129228H 125469g
Mar 23
  Mon  44868H  41108g
  Tue  51944H  48184g
  Sat 129266H 125507g
Mar 24
  Thu  44887H  41127g
  Thu  52058H  48298g
  Thu 129494H 125735g
Mar 25
  Mon  45267H  41507g
  Thu  52305H  48545g
  Mon 129722H 125963g
Mar 26
  Mon  45609H  41849g
  Mon  52628H  48868g
  Mon 129969H 126210g
Mar 27
  Sat  45894H  42134g
  Tue  52685H  48925g
 *Mon 130368H 126609g
Mar 28
**Thu  45875H  42115g
  Thu  53046H  49286g
  Sat 130501H 126742g
Mar 29
  Mon  46103H  42343g
  Sat  53160H  49400g
  Thu 130786H 127027g
Mar 30
  Thu  46369H  42609g
  Thu  53540H  49780g
  Mon 130862H 127103g
Mar 31
 *Thu  46768H  43008g
  Mon  53768H  50008g
  Sat 131242H 127483g
DATEFirst OccurenceLast OccurrenceNext Occurence
Apr  1
  Sat  46882H  43122g
  Tue  53920H  50160g
  Sat 131489H 127730g
Apr  2
  Thu  47167H  43407g
  Sat  54148H  50388g
  Thu 131622H 127863g
Apr  3
  Thu  47262H  43502g
  Mon  54357H  50597g
  Thu 131869H 128110g
Apr  4
  Sat  47623H  43863g
 *Mon  54756H  50996g
  Mon 132097H 128338g
Apr  5
  Sat  47870H  44110g
  Tue  54813H  51053g
  Thu 132363H 128604g
Apr  6
  Thu  48003H  44243g
  Sat  55136H  51376g
  Sat 132477H 128718g
Apr  7
  Sat  48364H  44604g
  Thu  55421H  51661g
  Thu 132762H 129003g
Apr  8
  Mon  48478H  44718g
  Tue  55554H  51794g
  Mon 133085H 129326g
Apr  9
  Sat  48763H  45003g
  Tue  55801H  52041g
  Mon 133332H 129573g
Apr 10
  Thu  48991H  45231g
  Tue  56048H  52288g
  Mon 133579H 129820g
Apr 11
  Mon  49219H  45459g
  Sat  56276H  52516g
  Thu 133598H 129839g
Apr 12
  Mon  49466H  45706g
  Thu  56656H  52896g
  Mon 133978H 130219g
Apr 13
  Mon  49713H  45953g
  Mon  56732H  52972g
  Thu 134092H 130333g
Apr 14
  Mon  49960H  46200g
  Tue  57036H  53276g
  Mon 134472H 130713g
Apr 15
  Thu  49979H  46219g
  Thu  57150H  53390g
  Thu 134738H 130979g
Apr 16
 *Thu  50378H  46618g
  Thu  57397H  53637g
  Thu 134890H 131131g
Apr 17
  Sat  50739H  46979g
  Thu  57644H  53884g
  Mon 135213H 131454g
Apr 18
  Thu  50872H  47112g
  Tue  57929H  54169g
  Sat 135346H 131587g
Apr 19
  Thu  51119H  47359g
  Sat  58252H  54492g
  Sat 135593H 131834g
Apr 20
  Thu  51271H  47511g
**Thu  58233H  54473g
  Thu 135726H 131967g
Apr 21
  Mon  51594H  47834g
 *Thu  58632H  54872g
  Thu 135973H 132214g
Apr 22
  Sat  51727H  47967g
  Thu  58784H  55024g
  Sat 136334H 132575g
Apr 23
  Sat  51974H  48214g
  Thu  59031H  55271g
  Thu 136467H 132708g
Apr 24
  Thu  52107H  48347g
  Sat  59240H  55480g
  Thu 136714H 132955g
Apr 25
  Sat  52468H  48708g
  Thu  59525H  55765g
  Thu 136866H 133107g
Apr 26
  Sat  52715H  48955g
  Mon  59848H  56088g
  Mon 137189H 133430g
Apr 27
  Sat  52867H  49107g
  Tue  59905H  56145g
  Sat 137474H 133715g
Apr 28
  Thu  53095H  49335g
  Sat  60228H  56468g
  Sat 137721H 133962g
Apr 29
  Mon  53323H  49563g
  Sat  60380H  56620g
**Thu 137702H 133943g
Apr 30
  Mon  53570H  49810g
  Tue  60646H  56886g
  Mon 138082H 134323g

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