Hebrew Calendar Science and Myths
The Rosh Hashannah Drift

by Remy Landau

The table below identifies the maximum separations of 399 years with a single *, and the non-sequential year changes with a double **.

The Rosh Hashannah Drift
May 1 To August 10
DATEFirst OccurenceLast OccurrenceNext Occurence
May  1
 *Mon  53969H  50209g
  Mon  60988H  57228g
 *Mon 138481H 134722g
May  2
  Sat  54102H  50342g
  Tue  61140H  57380g
**Sat 138462H 134703g
May  3
**Thu  54083H  50323g
  Sat  61368H  57608g
  Thu 138842H 135083g
May  4
  Mon  54463H  50703g
  Tue  61539H  57779g
  Mon 139070H 135311g
May  5
  Sat  54843H  51083g
  Mon  61824H  58064g
  Mon 139317H 135558g
May  6
  Sat  55090H  51330g
  Tue  62033H  58273g
  Mon 139564H 135805g
May  7
  Thu  55223H  51463g
  Sat  62356H  58596g
  Sat 139697H 135938g
May  8
  Thu  55470H  51710g
  Thu  62641H  58881g
  Thu 139982H 136223g
May  9
  Mon  55698H  51938g
  Thu  62736H  58976g
  Thu 140077H 136318g
May 10
  Thu  55964H  52204g
  Tue  63021H  59261g
 *Thu 140476H 136717g
May 11
  Sat  56078H  52318g
  Thu  63135H  59375g
  Mon 140799H 137040g
May 12
  Thu  56363H  52603g
  Mon  63458H  59698g
  Thu 140818H 137059g
May 13
  Mon  56686H  52926g
  Thu  63629H  59869g
  Thu 141065H 137306g
May 14
  Mon  56933H  53173g
  Mon  63952H  60192g
  Mon 141293H 137534g
May 15
  Mon  57180H  53420g
  Tue  64256H  60496g
  Thu 141559H 137800g
May 16
  Thu  57199H  53439g
  Sat  64332H  60572g
  Thu 141806H 138047g
May 17
  Mon  57579H  53819g
  Thu  64617H  60857g
  Sat 142072H 138313g
May 18
  Thu  57693H  53933g
  Mon  64845H  61085g
  Mon 142433H 138674g
May 19
  Mon  58073H  54313g
  Mon  65092H  61332g
  Sat 142566H 138807g
May 20
  Thu  58339H  54579g
  Tue  65396H  61636g
  Sat 142813H 139054g
May 21
  Thu  58491H  54731g
  Sat  65472H  61712g
  Thu 142946H 139187g
May 22
  Mon  58814H  55054g
  Thu  65852H  62092g
  Mon 143174H 139415g
May 23
  Sat  58947H  55187g
  Mon  65928H  62168g
  Sat 143554H 139795g
May 24
  Sat  59194H  55434g
  Tue  66232H  62472g
  Mon 143668H 139909g
May 25
  Thu  59327H  55567g
  Tue  66384H  62624g
  Thu 143934H 140175g
May 26
  Thu  59574H  55814g
  Thu  66745H  62985g
  Thu 144086H 140327g
May 27
  Sat  59935H  56175g
  Thu  66992H  63232g
  Mon 144409H 140650g
May 28
  Thu  60068H  56308g
  Tue  67125H  63365g
  Thu 144675H 140916g
May 29
  Thu  60315H  56555g
  Sat  67448H  63688g
  Mon 144903H 141144g
May 30
  Thu  60467H  56707g
  Sat  67600H  63840g
  Thu 144922H 141163g
May 31
  Mon  60790H  57030g
  Sat  67847H  64087g
  Thu 145169H 141410g
DATEFirst OccurenceLast OccurrenceNext Occurence
Jun  1
  Sat  61075H  57315g
  Mon  68056H  64296g
 *Thu 145568H 141809g
Jun  2
  Mon  61284H  57524g
  Sat  68341H  64581g
  Thu 145663H 141904g
Jun  3
  Thu  61303H  57543g
  Sat  68588H  64828g
  Sat 146081H 142322g
Jun  4
  Mon  61683H  57923g
  Thu  68721H  64961g
**Thu 146062H 142303g
Jun  5
 *Mon  62082H  58322g
  Mon  69044H  65284g
 *Thu 146461H 142702g
Jun  6
**Sat  62063H  58303g
  Tue  69253H  65493g
  Sat 146670H 142911g
Jun  7
  Thu  62443H  58683g
  Tue  69500H  65740g
  Sat 146917H 143158g
Jun  8
  Mon  62671H  58911g
  Sat  69576H  65816g
  Sat 147164H 143405g
Jun  9
  Mon  62918H  59158g
  Thu  69956H  66196g
  Mon 147278H 143519g
Jun 10
  Mon  63165H  59405g
  Tue  70241H  66481g
  Sat 147658H 143899g
Jun 11
  Sat  63298H  59538g
  Thu  70355H  66595g
  Sat 147905H 144146g
Jun 12
  Thu  63583H  59823g
  Thu  70602H  66842g
  Thu 148038H 144279g
Jun 13
  Thu  63678H  59918g
  Thu  70849H  67089g
  Mon 148266H 144507g
Jun 14
  Sat  64039H  60279g
  Thu  71096H  67336g
  Mon 148513H 144754g
Jun 15
  Mon  64400H  60640g
  Sat  71457H  67697g
  Mon 148760H 145001g
Jun 16
  Thu  64419H  60659g
  Sat  71552H  67792g
  Thu 149026H 145267g
Jun 17
  Thu  64666H  60906g
  Thu  71837H  68077g
  Thu 149178H 145419g
Jun 18
  Mon  64894H  61134g
  Sat  71951H  68191g
  Thu 149273H 145514g
Jun 19
  Thu  65160H  61400g
  Tue  72217H  68457g
 *Thu 149672H 145913g
Jun 20
  Thu  65407H  61647g
  Sat  72445H  68685g
  Sat 150033H 146274g
Jun 21
  Thu  65654H  61894g
  Sat  72692H  68932g
  Thu 150166H 146407g
Jun 22
  Mon  66034H  62274g
  Mon  73053H  69293g
  Mon 150394H 146635g
Jun 23
  Sat  66167H  62407g
  Mon  73148H  69388g
  Thu 150660H 146901g
Jun 24
  Sat  66414H  62654g
  Tue  73452H  69692g
  Sat 150774H 147015g
Jun 25
  Thu  66547H  62787g
  Tue  73604H  69844g
  Thu 151154H 147395g
Jun 26
  Mon  66775H  63015g
  Tue  73851H  70091g
  Sat 151268H 147509g
Jun 27
  Sat  67155H  63395g
  Thu  74212H  70452g
  Mon 151629H 147870g
Jun 28
  Mon  67269H  63509g
  Tue  74345H  70585g
  Sat 151762H 148003g
Jun 29
  Thu  67535H  63775g
  Tue  74592H  70832g
  Sat 152066H 148307g
Jun 30
  Thu  67687H  63927g
  Thu  74706H  70946g
  Thu 152142H 148383g
DATEFirst OccurenceLast OccurrenceNext Occurence
Jul  1
  Mon  68010H  64250g
  Thu  75048H  71288g
  Mon 152370H 148611g
Jul  2
  Thu  68276H  64516g
  Thu  75200H  71440g
 *Mon 152769H 149010g
Jul  3
  Mon  68504H  64744g
  Thu  75447H  71687g
  Mon 152864H 149105g
Jul  4
  Thu  68523H  64763g
  Sat  75808H  72048g
  Thu 153130H 149371g
Jul  5
  Thu  68770H  65010g
  Thu  75941H  72181g
  Thu 153282H 149523g
Jul  6
 *Thu  69169H  65409g
  Thu  76188H  72428g
  Mon 153662H 149903g
Jul  7
  Thu  69264H  65504g
  Mon  76416H  72656g
  Sat 153890H 150131g
Jul  8
  Sat  69682H  65922g
  Tue  76720H  72960g
  Sat 154137H 150378g
Jul  9
**Thu  69663H  65903g
  Sat  76796H  73036g
  Thu 154270H 150511g
Jul 10
 *Thu  70062H  66302g
  Mon  77157H  73397g
  Mon 154498H 150739g
Jul 11
  Sat  70271H  66511g
  Mon  77404H  73644g
  Thu 154764H 151005g
Jul 12
  Sat  70518H  66758g
  Tue  77556H  73796g
  Sat 154878H 151119g
Jul 13
  Sat  70765H  67005g
  Thu  77822H  74062g
  Thu 155258H 151499g
Jul 14
  Mon  70879H  67119g
  Tue  77955H  74195g
  Mon 155486H 151727g
Jul 15
  Sat  71259H  67499g
  Thu  78316H  74556g
  Mon 155733H 151974g
Jul 16
  Sat  71506H  67746g
  Tue  78449H  74689g
  Mon 155980H 152221g
Jul 17
  Thu  71639H  67879g
  Tue  78696H  74936g
  Thu 156246H 152487g
Jul 18
  Mon  71867H  68107g
  Thu  79057H  75297g
  Thu 156398H 152639g
Jul 19
  Mon  72114H  68354g
  Thu  79152H  75392g
  Mon 156474H 152715g
Jul 20
  Mon  72361H  68601g
  Tue  79437H  75677g
 *Mon 156873H 153114g
Jul 21
  Thu  72627H  68867g
  Thu  79551H  75791g
  Sat 157253H 153494g
Jul 22
  Thu  72779H  69019g
  Sat  79912H  76152g
  Thu 157386H 153627g
Jul 23
  Thu  72874H  69114g
  Thu  80045H  76285g
  Mon 157614H 153855g
Jul 24
 *Thu  73273H  69513g
  Thu  80292H  76532g
  Mon 157861H 154102g
Jul 25
  Sat  73634H  69874g
  Sat  80653H  76893g
  Sat 157994H 154235g
Jul 26
  Thu  73767H  70007g
  Tue  80824H  77064g
 *Sat 158393H 154634g
Jul 27
  Mon  73995H  70235g
  Thu  81033H  77273g
**Thu 158374H 154615g
Jul 28
  Thu  74261H  70501g
  Sat  81147H  77387g
 *Thu 158773H 155014g
Jul 29
  Sat  74375H  70615g
  Mon  81508H  77748g
  Thu 158868H 155109g
Jul 30
  Thu  74755H  70995g
  Tue  81812H  78052g
  Sat 159229H 155470g
Jul 31
  Sat  74869H  71109g
  Thu  81926H  78166g
  Thu 159362H 155603g
DATEFirst OccurenceLast OccurrenceNext Occurence
Aug  1
  Mon  75230H  71470g
  Mon  82249H  78489g
  Mon 159590H 155831g
Aug  2
  Sat  75363H  71603g
  Thu  82420H  78660g
 *Mon 159989H 156230g
Aug  3
  Sat  75610H  71850g
  Tue  82648H  78888g
  Mon 160084H 156325g
Aug  4
  Thu  75743H  71983g
  Sat  83028H  79268g
  Thu 160350H 156591g
Aug  5
  Mon  75971H  72211g
  Tue  83047H  79287g
  Thu 160502H 156743g
Aug  6
 *Mon  76370H  72610g
  Thu  83408H  79648g
  Thu 160844H 157085g
Aug  7
  Mon  76465H  72705g
  Tue  83541H  79781g
  Sat 161110H 157351g
Aug  8
  Thu  76731H  72971g
  Tue  83788H  80028g
  Sat 161262H 157503g
Aug  9
  Thu  76883H  73123g
  Sat  84016H  80256g
  Thu 161490H 157731g
Aug 10
  Mon  77263H  73503g
  Thu  84244H  80484g
  Mon 161718H 157959g

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