Hebrew Calendar Science and Myths
The Rosh Hashannah Drift

by Remy Landau

The table below identifies the maximum separations of 399 years with a single *, and the non-sequential year changes with a double **.

The Rosh Hashannah Drift
November 1 To January 31
DATEFirst OccurenceLast OccurrenceNext Occurence
Nov  1
  Mon  11884H   8123g
  Mon  19055H  15294g
  Thu  96415H  92655g
Nov  2
  Thu  12150H   8389g
  Mon  19150H  15389g
  Thu  96662H  92902g
Nov  3
  Sat  12416H   8655g
 *Mon  19549H  15788g
  Mon  96890H  93130g
Nov  4
  Sat  12663H   8902g
  Tue  19853H  16092g
  Sat  97175H  93415g
Nov  5
  Thu  12796H   9035g
  Sat  19929H  16168g
  Sat  97270H  93510g
Nov  6
  Mon  13176H   9415g
  Mon  20043H  16282g
  Mon  97631H  93871g
Nov  7
  Mon  13271H   9510g
  Tue  20347H  16586g
  Mon  97878H  94118g
Nov  8
  Sat  13651H   9890g
  Tue  20594H  16833g
  Sat  98011H  94251g
Nov  9
  Thu  13784H  10023g
  Tue  20841H  17080g
  Mon  98372H  94612g
Nov 10
  Mon  14012H  10251g
  Thu  21050H  17289g
  Thu  98391H  94631g
Nov 11
  Thu  14278H  10517g
 *Thu  21449H  17688g
  Mon  98771H  95011g
Nov 12
  Sat  14392H  10631g
  Mon  21525H  17764g
  Mon  98866H  95106g
Nov 13
 *Sat  14791H  11030g
  Tue  21829H  18068g
 *Mon  99265H  95505g
Nov 14
**Thu  14772H  11011g
  Sat  22057H  18296g
  Thu  99379H  95619g
Nov 15
 *Thu  15171H  11410g
  Thu  22190H  18429g
  Thu  99626H  95866g
Nov 16
  Thu  15266H  11505g
  Thu  22437H  18676g
  Thu  99873H  96113g
Nov 17
 *Thu  15665H  11904g
  Sat  22646H  18885g
  Sat 100139H  96379g
Nov 18
  Thu  15760H  11999g
 *Sat  23045H  19284g
  Sat 100386H  96626g
Nov 19
  Thu  16007H  12246g
  Mon  23159H  19398g
  Thu 100519H  96759g
Nov 20
  Mon  16387H  12626g
  Thu  23425H  19664g
  Thu 100766H  97006g
Nov 21
  Sat  16520H  12759g
  Mon  23653H  19892g
  Sat 101127H  97367g
Nov 22
  Sat  16767H  13006g
  Tue  23957H  20196g
  Thu 101260H  97500g
Nov 23
  Thu  16900H  13139g
  Sat  24033H  20272g
  Thu 101507H  97747g
Nov 24
  Sat  17261H  13500g
  Mon  24242H  20481g
  Mon 101735H  97975g
Nov 25
  Sat  17508H  13747g
 *Mon  24641H  20880g
  Mon 101982H  98222g
Nov 26
  Sat  17755H  13994g
  Tue  24698H  20937g
  Sat 102115H  98355g
Nov 27
  Thu  17888H  14127g
  Thu  25059H  21298g
  Mon 102476H  98716g
Nov 28
  Mon  18116H  14355g
  Thu  25154H  21393g
  Thu 102495H  98735g
Nov 29
  Mon  18363H  14602g
 *Thu  25553H  21792g
  Mon 102875H  99115g
Nov 30
 *Mon  18762H  15001g
  Mon  25629H  21868g
  Mon 103217H  99457g
DATEFirst OccurenceLast OccurrenceNext Occurence
Dec  1
  Sat  18895H  15134g
  Tue  25933H  22172g
  Sat 103502H  99742g
Dec  2
**Thu  18876H  15115g
  Sat  26161H  22400g
**Thu 103483H  99723g
Dec  3
 *Thu  19275H  15514g
  Thu  26294H  22533g
  Thu 103730H  99970g
Dec  4
  Thu  19617H  15856g
  Sat  26655H  22894g
  Mon 104110H 100350g
Dec  5
  Sat  19883H  16122g
  Mon  26769H  23008g
  Thu 104376H 100616g
Dec  6
**Thu  19864H  16103g
  Sat  27149H  23388g
  Sat 104490H 100730g
Dec  7
 *Thu  20263H  16502g
**Thu  27130H  23369g
  Thu 104775H 101015g
Dec  8
  Mon  20491H  16730g
 *Thu  27529H  23768g
  Thu 104870H 101110g
Dec  9
  Sat  20776H  17015g
  Tue  27814H  24053g
  Sat 105231H 101471g
Dec 10
  Sat  20871H  17110g
  Tue  27909H  24148g
  Sat 105478H 101718g
Dec 11
  Mon  21232H  17471g
  Mon  28251H  24490g
  Thu 105611H 101851g
Dec 12
  Mon  21479H  17718g
  Thu  28422H  24661g
  Sat 105972H 102212g
Dec 13
  Sat  21612H  17851g
  Mon  28745H  24984g
  Mon 106086H 102326g
Dec 14
  Mon  21973H  18212g
  Tue  29049H  25288g
  Sat 106371H 102611g
Dec 15
  Thu  21992H  18231g
  Sat  29125H  25364g
  Thu 106599H 102839g
Dec 16
  Mon  22372H  18611g
  Thu  29410H  25649g
  Mon 106827H 103067g
Dec 17
  Mon  22467H  18706g
  Thu  29657H  25896g
  Mon 107074H 103314g
Dec 18
 *Mon  22866H  19105g
  Tue  29790H  26029g
  Thu 107340H 103580g
Dec 19
  Thu  22980H  19219g
  Tue  30037H  26276g
  Sat 107606H 103846g
Dec 20
  Mon  23208H  19447g
  Sat  30265H  26504g
**Thu 107587H 103827g
Dec 21
  Thu  23474H  19713g
  Thu  30645H  26884g
  Mon 107967H 104207g
Dec 22
  Thu  23721H  19960g
  Sat  30759H  26998g
  Sat 108347H 104587g
Dec 23
  Sat  23987H  20226g
  Tue  31025H  27264g
  Mon 108461H 104701g
Dec 24
  Thu  24120H  20359g
  Sat  31253H  27492g
  Thu 108727H 104967g
Dec 25
  Thu  24367H  20606g
  Tue  31424H  27663g
  Thu 108879H 105119g
Dec 26
  Sat  24728H  20967g
  Thu  31633H  27872g
  Mon 109202H 105442g
Dec 27
  Thu  24861H  21100g
  Tue  31918H  28157g
  Sat 109335H 105575g
Dec 28
  Thu  25108H  21347g
  Sat  32241H  28480g
  Sat 109582H 105822g
Dec 29
  Mon  25336H  21575g
  Mon  32355H  28594g
  Thu 109715H 105955g
Dec 30
  Mon  25583H  21822g
  Tue  32659H  28898g
  Thu 109962H 106202g
Dec 31
  Sat  25716H  21955g
  Mon  32849H  29088g
 *Thu 110361H 106601g
DATEFirst OccurenceLast OccurrenceNext Occurence
Jan  1
  Sat  25963H  22203g
  Tue  33153H  29393g
  Sat 110475H 106716g
Jan  2
  Thu  26096H  22336g
  Sat  33381H  29621g
  Thu 110703H 106944g
Jan  3
  Mon  26476H  22716g
  Thu  33514H  29754g
  Mon 110931H 107172g
Jan  4
  Mon  26818H  23058g
  Mon  33837H  30077g
  Thu 111197H 107438g
Jan  5
  Mon  27065H  23305g
  Tue  33894H  30134g
  Sat 111463H 107704g
Jan  6
  Thu  27084H  23324g
  Thu  34255H  30495g
  Sat 111710H 107951g
Jan  7
  Thu  27331H  23571g
  Sat  34369H  30609g
  Thu 111995H 108236g
Jan  8
  Thu  27578H  23818g
  Thu  34749H  30989g
  Mon 112071H 108312g
Jan  9
 *Thu  27977H  24217g
  Tue  35034H  31274g
  Sat 112451H 108692g
Jan 10
  Sat  28091H  24331g
  Tue  35129H  31369g
  Sat 112698H 108939g
Jan 11
  Thu  28376H  24616g
  Sat  35357H  31597g
  Thu 112831H 109072g
Jan 12
  Thu  28471H  24711g
  Tue  35528H  31768g
  Thu 113078H 109319g
Jan 13
  Sat  28832H  25072g
  Thu  35889H  32129g
  Mon 113306H 109547g
Jan 14
  Sat  29079H  25319g
  Tue  36022H  32262g
  Thu 113572H 109813g
Jan 15
  Thu  29212H  25452g
  Sat  36345H  32585g
  Sat 113686H 109927g
Jan 16
  Sat  29573H  25813g
  Thu  36630H  32870g
  Thu 113971H 110212g
Jan 17
  Mon  29687H  25927g
  Thu  36725H  32965g
  Thu 114066H 110307g
Jan 18
  Sat  29972H  26212g
  Tue  37010H  33250g
 *Thu 114465H 110706g
Jan 19
  Thu  30200H  26440g
  Tue  37257H  33497g
  Mon 114788H 111029g
Jan 20
  Mon  30428H  26668g
  Sat  37485H  33725g
  Thu 114807H 111048g
Jan 21
  Mon  30675H  26915g
  Thu  37618H  33858g
  Mon 115187H 111428g
Jan 22
  Mon  30922H  27162g
  Mon  37941H  34181g
 *Mon 115586H 111827g
Jan 23
  Sat  31207H  27447g
  Tue  38245H  34485g
**Sat 115567H 111808g
Jan 24
**Thu  31188H  27428g
  Thu  38359H  34599g
  Thu 115947H 112188g
Jan 25
  Mon  31568H  27808g
  Tue  38644H  34884g
  Sat 116061H 112302g
Jan 26
  Sat  31948H  28188g
  Thu  38853H  35093g
  Mon 116422H 112663g
Jan 27
  Mon  32062H  28302g
  Tue  39138H  35378g
  Sat 116555H 112796g
Jan 28
  Thu  32328H  28568g
  Tue  39385H  35625g
  Sat 116802H 113043g
Jan 29
  Thu  32480H  28720g
  Sat  39461H  35701g
  Thu 116935H 113176g
Jan 30
  Mon  32803H  29043g
  Thu  39841H  36081g
  Mon 117163H 113404g
Jan 31
  Sat  32936H  29176g
  Thu  39993H  36233g
 *Mon 117562H 113803g

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